Quality, precision, innovation: that is why Customers ask for GEMITECH. In order to reach such quality level, Gemitech is keen on R&D, technology, flexible and dynamic solutions and high service performance, with passion.
Demanding Customers are a constant challenge for GEMITECH: the aim is to demonstrate that expectations are properly and professionally answered, through project consulting, technical capabilities, innovation, production quality and competitiveness.
This, in fact, is the only way to satisfy the demand for excellence in the metal working and mechanical industry.
GEMITECH is a proactive supplier, capable to develop and produce any Customer’s projects. In a word, GEMITECH shapes your ideas.

Why choose GEMITECH?

  • Technological excellence
  • Attention on Customers’ needs
  • Up-to-date and modern machineries
  • Project consulting
  • Dynamism and innovation
  • Production quality

To whom GEMITECH may concern?

  • Whoever is looking for a reliable partner in the metal working industry
  • Whoever looks for optimising product industrialisation
  • Whoever looks for Made in Italy style and quality
  • Whoever is looking for non-conventional and non-standard solutions
  • Whoever looks for a creative company, shaping Customers’ ideas

Why is GEMITECH industry’s leader?

  • Because of groups and sub-groups management
  • Metal and plastic sheets moulding
  • Mechanical assembling
  • Stainless steel, aluminium and iron welding
  • Surface finishing
  • Product treatments
  • Mounting
  • Testing
  • Punctual logistics and deliveries
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