Project consulting

It all starts with a good idea. Then it goes ahead with preliminary studies, feasibility analysis, projects, prototypes and, mainly, passion. GEMITECH follows Customers’ ideas step by step.
Either if it is a matter of small pieces or mass productions, the modern and complete technical office is able to satisfy all requirements in order to shape and transform Customers’ ideas into final product.
The constant improvement, together with a proactive approach, represents the daily challenge and also the professional approach of GEMITECH team. Concerning the ultimate technologies available, the technical department can count on:

  1. 4 complete project platforms
  2. Software: Autocad 2007, Inventor 8,Pro-E Wild fire 2, GBG 6, Think-Design 4
  3. 2D file extensions: DWG, DWS, DXF, D, IDW, DRW
  4. 3D file extensions: E3, IGS, STL, STP, IPT, IAM, IPN, PRT, ASM, CT
  5. Plotter station A0 (color printing)
  6. Filing and archiving of projects, under request

The technical and technological structures at GEMITECH, together with the electronic and multiplatform archive equipped with optical scanner, allow data transmission real time to all company’s department.
GEMITECH is a partner for its Customers, thanks to the company’s ability to be supporting in the project consulting phase, in order to raise production quality, innovation and competitiveness.
GEMITECH is the free pass to creative solutions.

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